Elrond Network is a Better Copy Of Stellar Network ?

As a newbie on blockchain technology, and recently a fan and supporter of Elrond network, I’m making my research, my own as recommended when new on cryto world.

After reading a lot infos from Elrond network, its whitepaper, its coming application maiar.com, after testing the SDK for developer perspective. I was fascinated about this “revolution” on blockchain Ecosystem. I was thinking it never exists a user-friendly blockchain until discovered Stellar network (via Akoin the artist crypto-currency, Akon)

My first reflex is to ask to Elrond and Stellar community what are the key differences between them, are there any comparison as Elrond did against Ethereum, Zilika, and many more… Unfortunately, I did get any responses from both community. I commence to make my research to Stellar network reading documentation and testing laboratory API. My first impression against Elrond, Stellar is more mature (obviously since 2014, Stellar lives!), Stellar offers an interesting solution as Elrond.

The main difference I noted is the consensus network: Stellar uses their own named SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol), Elrond uses SPoS (Secured Proof Of Stake)

In this blog, I will try to more focus on similarities:

Coin Name: XLM (Stellar Lumens), eGLD (Elrond Gold)

Vision: They both focus on global payment with less fees 0.001

Scalabilty: Elrond split network in shard, and it can add more shards as network grows (scales)

API: Elrond has proxy api, Stellar has Horizon as proxy

SDK: Elrond has Rust, JS and python SDK for now, but with eWASM it could support many others programming languages.

PS: I will need to update this article. I started many months ago but not finished up… My apologies!!!

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