How to save your crypto(s) from your death with a simple email ?

You probably would be your own bank, and you ask to yourself the question how I could save my money (cryptos) if I loose the time to transfer it to my family, my wife or my children ? in an other word, If I die right now? Unfortunately, it could happen!

Today, I’m sharing with you this simple recipe/tips that would save your “life” and family’s life too.

What you need ?

⁃ A hardware wallet , nano S for example, otherwise a digital wallet Trustwallet, Maiar, etc.
⁃ A new gmail address (2FA enabled)

With your hardware wallet, setup the 25th word see howto for setup.

For example, the 25th word: My25thWordDeath , pin code: 20088002.

Your 24 keywords are written on paper and saved in 2 different places (home and office for example). You only know the 25th word and the pin code. Don’t share it to Anyone !

You can now transfer your Bitcoin or eGLD to your hardware wallet.

Now your moneys are safe!

But not safe against Death, against your death. Imagine you, at year 2015, get away with 100 BTC that worth today to 5 Millions $😥

  • No one on the earth would be able to profit to that money because you are the only who has the key 🔑 ; you wouldn’t wish that happen, so prepare yourself by following this small recipe.


  • Go to gmail
    Create a new scheduled email, choose the date you would send it for example 01/03/2022 in a year.
  • Write the 25th word and the code pin some explanation or your testament to recipients (parents, wife or friends, etc.).
  • Put the email recipients and your email address too (don’t forget it)
  • Write a second new scheduled email to you as the only recipient. Set date a month before the previous (01/02/2022) for just to remind you have to update the first scheduled email a new date for example to 01/03/2023.
    You can write a third to remind you 3 months before if needed it or simply use phone calendar for reminding.

-Set the schedule date

And last but not least, inform your recipients they will receive your crypto-testament by email. Yes it’s important!

And now, you can Rest In Peace 😍 for now. Long life 🙏 and see you to the moon 📈

PS: I hope this feature will be available in a near future on existing wallets TrustWallet, Maiar, Metamaks, etc. As a simple scheduled money transfer. At the same time, I’m working on a autonomous way as a POC, will share it when done! 👌



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